21st CCLC Awards Day

The 21st CCLC held its 2008-2009 Awards Day on Wednesday May 20th at 4:00. We had 15 parents and 56 students that attended this event. Following the presentation parents joined the students and staff for refreshments.

The following awards were presented:

Most Improved Students on CRCT were awarded bicycles which were donated by Mathis Funeral Home and Badcock Home Furnishing:

Dakota Odom
Carlie Fulford
Highest Attendence- Jessica Tripp and Ronesha Barnes

Most Respectful –

Middle School, Quentavius Smith
5th Grade, Courtney Taylor
4th Grade, Dianna Blackshear
3rd Grade, Rebecca Collins
Best Sportmanship

Middle School, Tereco Owens
5th Grade, Juan Espinosa
4th Grade,Anthony Whitfield
3rd Grade, Austin Long
Most Kind

Middle School, Jessica Tripp
5th Grade, Nate Horton
4th Grade, Charity Beck
3rd Grade, Jalon Jenkins
Most Helpful

Middle School, Charlie Wilson
5th Grade, Abby Turner
4th Grade, Daisha Beal
3rd Grade, Tyche Veal
A special thank you to the teachers and tutors for all you have done to make this a successful event.