Moments In Mentoring: October 2009

Brandi and Shaniya Moments in Mentoring  10 09 003

Mrs. Brandi Thompson, CIS/FC/21st CCLC Site Coordinator, is now on her second year of mentoring.  She came to the experience with an open mind and heart and was easily matched with a young vivacious 4th grader at BCES.  Brandi has a keen ability to manage her time, but as a mother of two young children and with her work responsibilities, adding mentoring to the list was not entered into lightly.  Her desire was to help a child to know that there are people who care for them and that will be there for them.  Brandi stated, “There have been several weeks where it has been really tough with my work schedule but I always try and make it happen even if it’s on a different day.”  When asked what she would tell others about mentoring she enthusiastically said, “Do it!  You may not feel prepared, capable or worthy to mentor someone else but you will be greatly rewarded.  The training I received prior to mentoring was very enjoyable, interactive and I felt I was equipped to mentor!”

Brandi and her mentee enjoy coloring, painting, playing on the computer and playing board games.  She says that she learned patience and knows it doesn’t matter what you bring to your mentee just as long as you are committed and bring yourself!

The CIS/FC Mentoring Program is entering its second year and our list of mentors has grown to thirty-five!  These wonderful and caring volunteers are making a huge impact on the children of Bleckley County.  Our motto is “Reaching a Dream….One Child at a Time.”  It is with this one on one experience that lives are connected and the friendships formed are deep and long lasting.

Our greatest need going into our new school year is that of male mentors.  We have over 20 young males that have no mentors and it is so difficult to find adult males to step up and see how valuable they would be to the program.  The commitment level, after initial training, is 45 minutes once a week.  If you are interested in mentoring a child or would like more information about the program, call Gretchen Wilson-Tuck, CIS/FC Mentoring Coordinator at 934-4300 or email at Contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you are interested in having your child mentored this school year.

In addition to the services provided by the Federal Mentoring Project, the Cochran-Bleckley Community Collaborative includes Communities in Schools, Family Connection, Drug Free Community Support, Congressional Course Recovery and Remedial Project, 21st Century After School Program and the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative.