2010-2011 Shoot Hoops…..Not Drugs Event

“Shoot Hoops…Not Drugs” 2010, a CIS/FC and BCES Partnership was a huge success!  It was held at Bleckley County Elementary School (BCES) on Friday, October 29th.  The following groups helped volunteer for this event:

  • Middle Georgia College Warriors Basketball Girls and Boys
  • BCHS Cheerleaders, Football Players, Basketball Players
  • BCMS and BCHS Youth Leadership and Wellness Teams

Cochran/Bleckley Community Collaborative would like to thank the following for their support of this event.  With their help, as well as with the work of BCES students and staff and contributions from the community, we were able to raise over $7,500!

  • Wal-Mart Store #555 of Dublin, GA
  • Academy Sports of Macon, GA
  • Carrabbas of Macon, GA
  • Scott’s BBQ
  • Eastman Movie Theatre
  • Harvey’s
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • CADA
  • Middle Georgia Rehabilitation

All of the volunteers at this event were a positive role model for the students at BCES.  Thank you for your efforts in making “Shoot Hoops…..Not Drugs” a great success for 2010!


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